Saturday, 14 May 2011

organic fuel

carrots brocoli kale chard beets lettuce green & red peppers zucchini onions garlic spring onions tomatoes avocados spinach cabbage dandelion
apples, fresh berries bananas oranges grapefruits grapes kiwi pineapple coconut mango currants pears peaches
buckwheat groats oats rye brown rice millet
Sea Plants
kelp nori
raw honey brown rice syrup raw agave syrup raw coconut mectar stevia
sea vegetables, miso, nutritional yeast flakes cayenne cumin garlic  Himilayan pink salt, sea salt
carob powder, raw cocoa vanilla cinnamon powder nutmeg allspice
Eating food it it's natural state is healthy,especially for cancer patients, dietary fibre, living enzymes, nutrients,  vitamins and minerals are important to give the immune system a boost and thus make the cells sing with vitality!

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